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Frequently asked questions

Why do people seek counselling or psychotherapy?

We can all experience difficulties and pain in life. Sometimes we can deal with this on our own, or with friends and family's help. At other times, we can feel overwhelmed or stuck in behaviour patterns we feel powerless to change. Counselling and psychotherapy can help with this. It provides a safe place where you can express and work through your difficulties with a trained professional who will not judge you.

People come for a variety of reasons, including:

  • to gain a different perspective on things
  • because they feel they need support
  • to get to know themselves better
  • to help them get through a time of crises
  • to help them come to terms with change or loss (including bereavement)
  • to be supported while making a difficult decision
  • to learn more about their sense of sprituality
  • to look at their self-esteem

Is the work confidential?

All my work with clients is confidential. However, in order for therapists to maintain a healthy perspective, and to remain an accredited professional we are required to talk regularly with a supervisor. In this process, clients are not identified.

So, how do I start?

Counselling and psychotherapy start with an initial session. It's not a commitment to start therapy. It's simply a chance for us to meet and see if it feels like we can work productively together. A chance for you to explore what has brought you to therapy, or ask any questions you might have about me, or the service I offer.

How many sessions should I expect to have?

Should we decide to work together, we'll meet on a regular basis - usually weekly. Either for an agreed period of time, or until such time as it feels right for you to stop. The number of sessions anyone needs is unique to each person, and can depend on many factors such as your aims in coming into therapy, or how much support you feel you might need. It's something we discuss and agree together. I provide both brief and longer-term therapy, and work at a pace that feels appropriate to your needs both therapeutically, and financially. Fees are itemised at Cost and Contact

We would have regular review sessions to discuss how the therapy is going, and what value it is having. This will help us keep the usefulness of our therapeutic relationship under review so that your decision to end, or to continue for longer will have the best chance of matching what you need from the process.


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